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today is bisexual awareness day. be aware of bisexuals. they are out there, and they are dangerous.

#*comes out of the shadows rhythmically snapping*

ok no worries i just wanted u 2 know

it should be there now

pls excuse my terrible writing

i can’t see anything :((((

mm hold on i’ll try again

pleurnicheuse asked:
you like exo rite? do a drunk!fic snippet omg. i choose taoxing for this bc my yixing headcanon is very cute kissy drunk but it is absolutely up 2 u

lu han keeps refilling yixing’s glass while he tries in a heartbreakingly earnest fashion to explain chords to jongin and sehun (zitao knew they were just pretty faces all along, hah), whose progress is probably inhibited by the fact that they’re snickering at yixing’s pink cheeks and increasingly incomprehensible korean. when joonmyun tries to step in, he gets a nice armful of slurring chinese male and a series of pats on the head.

kris is probably off doing - who the hell knows, he claims alcohol is bad for his complexion - probably off bending the spines of one of joonmyun’s endless self-help books and taking notes on his blackberry. zitao spares a moment to think of the look on joonmyun’s face when he sees the damage wrought by kris’s trash can lid-sized hands. it is a glorious image.

well, anyway, with his bandmates being useless, zitao decides to take pity on yixing. in the interim, yixing’s apparently decided to take a seat on zitao.

"thighs," yixing slurs, in what he evidently thinks to be an explanation.. “they’re very nice.”

"oh, ah," says zitao. lu han about falls off his chair, howling silently.